spacious practices and partnerships
to support liberation + wholeness.

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Are you needing clarity and direction?   

Do you feel a longing to be in balance?

Do you want to be supported as you learn to reset, realign and reenergize?

We Are

BeMobius Coaches. Our approach integrates ancient movement and breath practices with Functional Medicine Health Coaching, stillness, and creative expression. We co-create and sustain  a space where the shy soul can emerge and find the strength to reclaim that which is vital, whole, and joyful.

We provide

Tools and inspiration to unleash your creative vitality and develop self-care practices to find balance and live your most vibrant life. 



Deep Listening

Deep Rest

Creative Expression



Truth Telling

The body’s knowing



We Offer

“How can I make more life-giving choices about what to put into the world and how to deal with what the world sends back — choices that might bring new life to me, to others, and to the world we share?”

—Parker Palmer

Life on the

M ö b i u s Strip